Sunday, January 11, 2015

Turning the Tables on an Active Shooter

I don’t need to list the most recent attacks on unarmed civilians that have taken place in the past year or even past month to get my point across. Violent attacks are clearly on the rise with attackers ranging from pissed off former employees to religious fanatics and everything in-between.

You need to come to terms with the fact that you can never be prepared enough to prevent an attack from happening. You will not be able to grab your battle rifle, plate carrier, and call the police prior to getting attacked unless you are in your home, awake, and near your gear.
It is more likely you will be vulnerable and wearing what you are wearing now in a crowded public place or alone in unfamiliar territory. Hopefully you have a pistol and or knife on you to give you an edge on your would be attacker/attackers. If it all possible dialing 911 should always be your first action when you get the feeling your life is in danger.

If you are in a situation where your life is in danger and you can dial 911 without sacrificing safety:

·         Dial 911

·         Put your phone to speaker

·         Put the phone in your pocket so you have use of both hands

·         Describe your surroundings to the dispatcher in great detail

·         Seek cover or a safe zone

·         Prepare to defend yourself until help arrives

Leave the square ranges for BZO
A great way to prepare yourself is to break away from relying on square ranges and bulls-eye targets as a sufficient means to becoming an effective defensive shooter. Square ranges are meant for zeroing firearms and marksmanship training, not drawing from your holster and moving to cover in order to land some well-placed shots on target. If you don’t have access to a range or facility that allows dynamic training or scenario training try some of these simple drills in the comfort of your own home. Make a room clear of all ammo and never bring ammo or loaded guns in there, practice drawing and reloading your cleared gun or blue gun for a few minutes a day so you become comfortable drawing and acquiring a target after seeking cover.

Dry firing is great practice but it’s just that, so once you feel you have mastered drawing your pistol, clearing malfunctions, reloading, etc. Seek out courses and training that is geared towards active shooters and concealed carry scenarios. Do your research and make sure the course is run by a professional that has a verifiable background in firearms training and is insured. This day and age there are folks who grow a beard, buy some gear and call themselves a firearms instructor. Please make sure these people have actual credentials that mean something. The NRA is a great source for finding quality instructors as well.

Airsoft is a highly underrated and affordable way to do force on force training that allows you to actually shoot people and to get shot without actually dying.

Let’s run with that idea:

·       Get the airsoft equivalent of your carry pistol and a training knife

·       Make a friend do the same

·       Get proper protective equipment

·       Find a safe private place (so people don’t think it’s real)

·       Create 5 scenarios where you are vulnerable (Entering/leaving vehicle, asleep in bed, taking a poop, walking your dog)

·       Get attacked and take note of what works and doesn’t for you

·       Start timing closing speeds of an attacker in unknown distances to evaluate what reaction fits the situation

Yup, you will look like a total freak doing these exercises but looking like an idiot when training may just be enough to give you the edge if you were to be attacked or became involved in an active shooter situation.

Physical fitness can never be stressed enough for this subject. Close quarters confrontation,  gun free, and knife free zones leave you with only your physical skillset to keep you safe and alive.

If you are legally permitted to carry a concealed firearm you should never leave your home without your pistol and a spare magazine.

My EDC, within arms reach 24/7
For some added firepower and magazine capacity consider storing a rifle in your vehicle, but be cognizant of local laws prior to doing so. Rifle manipulation in a vehicle is frustrating at best so look into acquiring an AR or AK pistol.
My work in progress AR pistol

These rifle caliber pistols are relatively new to the market and have tremendous benefits. Especially if you value maneuverability in tight places such as a vehicle or in your home.

It's a shame the cameraman didn't have a gun

 You can be that person who spends their last moments with their hands up begging for mercy or you can be prepared and give yourself that chance to fight back and stop a tragedy. What do you do to keep as prepared as possible?

Stay Fit and Keep that Warrior Mindset!

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